Why You Need Compression Socks When Flying

Why You Need Compression Socks When Flying

It's all good. Your seat is on the aisle and the legroom is perfect. The plane leaves on time and the pilot says it's going to be a smooth flight. You get a drink, pop open your tablet and start reading. 

You're having a nice flight when about halfway through you realize your ankles are starting to swell and your feet are getting achy. It's probably not the first time it's happened to you. 

The flight ends and you think sweet relief is on the way -- until you realize how much walking you have ahead of you. If you fly a lot for work, this could be your weekly scenario. It's not fun and certainly not healthy.

But now you're here and we have great news! Wearing compression socks when flying will eliminate all of these problems. 

Compression Socks for Flying

Gravity will always have its way. If you are sitting for a long time, blood will pool and settle in your ankles and feet, and that's precisely why they get swollen. The blood is no longer circulating the way it should because your body is not moving. It's the same reason why doctors are always concerned with bedridden patients getting blood clots. 

To make matters worse, The National Blood Clot Alliance states that flying at altitude makes blood flow slower due to low cabin pressure. So now you have two things working against proper circulation. 

Compression Socks Increase Blood Flow

Compression socks will improve your circulation and help your heart so it doesn't have to work as hard. Graduated compression socks -- like Nabee Socks -- apply more pressure near the bottom of the sock and it eases at it gets to the top of the sock. This is how it helps move the pooled blood from your ankles and feet. It's also why people who wear compression socks report that they no longer have that "heavy legs" feeling -- the socks are doing their job. 

The Reviews Are In

Let's check out this review from Nabee Socks customer Patti.  

Compression Socks When Flying Testimonial

You can check out all the reviews on any product page. You'll see many of them are just like Patti's. People who run, bike, and work long hours on their feet love Nabee Socks for the same reason Patti does -- they are super-comfortable, fashionable, and they do what they are supposed to do: reduce swelling, alleviate pain, and keep your feet and legs feeling fresh.

Nothing For You to Lose!

Every company says you will love their product, and that includes Nabee Socks. But we put your money where our mouth is! If you are not satisfied with your compression socks for any reason, Nabee Socks offers a 100% money-back guarantee on your first pair of socks within 30 days of purchase. 

So are you ready? Click below to order some Nabee Socks right now! 

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