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What are Nabee Socks?

Fun, fashionable compression socks designed by nurses and made in the USA using an FDA-registered patent to give you the best quality compression socks on the planet!

The Nabee Socks Difference


  • Easier to Wear: Larger openings to make pulling on our socks easier.
  • Comfy: Non-irritating toe seams and loose toe boxes that never squish toes.
  • Awesome Designs: The first fashion focused compression sock company in the world!
  • Quality: Designed by nurses. FDA registered with 20+ years of medical garment manufacturing experience in the USA.




  • Energizes Legs & Feet
  • Prevents Swelling
  • Alleviates Pain & Fatigue
  • Prevents Spider & Varicose Veins
  • Shortens Recovery Time After Exercise
  • Increases foot and leg related awesomeness by 1000%
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Featured Socks

Our bestselling Nabee Socks!  Polk dots, stripes, hearts and chevrons. Compression socks in all sorts of bright, colorful designs. Checkout a pair of our best compression socks.

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Nabee means "butterfly" in Korean and was the name of my father’s art gallery. I chose the name to honor my father’s superhuman dedication to creating an exceptional life, family, and business. When I was a child my father would tell me cliché stories of his life growing up in Korea. “We had no running water. I brushed my teeth with salt on my finger!” I rolled my eyes at the time... Continue Reading

Need to know more?

Nabee Socks were originally developed to be the best compression socks for nurses, but have been thoughtfully engineered to keep everyone's feet jumping with joy from morning 'til night. All of our socks are not only guaranteed to be packed with personality, but are also filled with the magic of graduated compression. Graduated compression provides your precious lower extremities with the enhanced blood circulation they need to stay pain free.  They gently squeeze your legs with 15-20 mmHg of compression, which is strongest at the ankles and slowly loosens as it goes up towards the knee.  This action aids in moving blood and fluids back towards the heart, which prevents swelling, energizes feet, and provides a number of other amazing benefits.  Nabee Socks are the best compression socks for nurses, doctors, and medical professionals. Each pair is dedicated to the war against grumpy feet. So, recruit a pair and let them hug your pain and swelling away!

Read about the science of compression socks

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Nabee Socks - Fun and Fashionable Compression Socks Designed By Nurses | Knee-high with 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression