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Compression socks are designed specifically to gently squeeze legs a bit more than typical socks. Nabee socks provide the world’s best compression socks that are built to last for years. The main function of compression socks is to promote better blood circulation in the legs. Compression socks increase the pressure in tissues beneath the skin which reduces excess leakage of fluids from the capillaries.

That's why Nabee Socks are perfect

  • seamless toe Nabee includes seamless toe
  • Breathable and softer fabric Breathable and softer fabric for its socks
  • Longer lasting Longer lasting compression socks
  • support for running Extra arch support for running
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Nabee uses its own non binding, non slip design.

This keep the socks from sliding down but also doesn't constrict. All other brands fold over their socks to create the band but don't account for the increased compression. We accounted for this by loosening the cuff so it doesn't bind.

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What are the types of compression socks?

  • Graduated compression socks: the level of compression is strongest at the ankle & decreases as one moves higher up the leg. Compression socks limit peripheral edema and reduce the pooling of blood in the legs and prevent orthostatic hypotension.
  • Anti-embolism socks: designed to help maintain circulation that prevents blood clots and are effective for individuals who are immobile.

Do you face irritation around your achilles heel?

Nabee includes Achilles Heel Padding that provides extra cushion to protect your achilles heel from irritation. This is especially helpful to those who run or on speed a lot of time on their feet.

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Do you face irritation around the Achilles heel?

Nabee includes Achilles heel Padding which is highly responsible for providing extra cushion to protect the Achilles heel from irritation. Nabee compression socks are highly responsible for those individuals who run or are on speed a lot of time on their feet. Nabee socks have all the socks available which are without discomfort with our non-binding, non-slip design. Nabee socks even provide extra heel padding with extra arch support. Nabee socks are cushioned socks to make one feel very soft which further prevents irritating bumps with seamless toe design. The best thing about Nabee socks is that the Compression socks are breathable and have softer fabric and are also available in different sizes and designs.

Where are your compression socks made? Nabee is manufactured in an FDA registered facility.


Nabee includes seamless toe. No seams so no more irritating bump on the toes!

Who can wear compression socks?

Compression socks are usually worn for comfort, to do better in sports, and to help prevent serious medical conditions. Compression socks improve blood flow by lessening pain and swelling in the legs. Compression socks lower the chances of developing any sort of blood clot and other circulation problems. Compression socks must be used by individuals that include:

  • People who are at risk for circulation problems that involve DVT, varicose veins, and diabetes.
  • Individuals who underwent surgery.
  • Individuals who are immobile or those who can't leave their bed or have a hard time moving.
  • Athletes
  • Pregnant women
  • Compression socks for nurses as it reduces the level of heaviness and leg fatigue.
  • Individuals who usually spend a lot of time on airplanes or traveling.

How to choose compression socks level?

Finding the right compression socks level is the most ideal way to benefit an individual with specially designed socks. Compression socks are special socks that work to bring better overall comfort and improve circulation in the legs. The compression strength pressure works to encourage optimal blood and fluid circulation to and from the limb. For different medical conditions, it is crucial to follow what the doctor prescribes.

  • 15-20 mmHg: this compression level is chosen for recreational and leisure purposes. This level is usually fit for providing comfort in daily activities and sports recovery.
  • 20-30 mmHg: this is highly used for high-intensity activities or to manage mild symptoms of discomfort.
  • 15-30 mmHg: this is considered medical-grade compression socks that treat varicose veins, severe swelling, or who is on bed rest after surgery.

Nabee socks keep comfort as the goal and any fit that makes it comfortable helps us in achieving our goal.

What are the benefits of compression socks?

Compression socks are highly benefited in the following ways:

  • Alleviates pain, swelling & fatigue: improves circulation in legs that helps to alleviate pain & tiredness. The flow of fresh blood and the prevention of swollen tissue is mainly maintained by compression socks. 
  • Prevents varicose veins: Veins that have tiny valves that prevent blood from flowing backward. When this fails, it causes blood to pool in veins. Compression socks for varicose veins help in improving circulation, ensuring healthy, vibrant legs.
  • Reduces recovery time: the flow of freshly oxygenated blood & removal of the waste product is highly important to leg muscle recovery after exercise. 

How should compression socks size be measured?

Measurement must be taken as soon as possible after waking. Limbs should be measured next to bare skin. The measuring system is based on the angle between the sole of the foot and leg that is being at 90 degree for effective results. Measurement must be done from the ground up.

How to use compression socks?

Compression socks must be worn in the morning before lowering the leg and one gets out of bed. Sleeping in a horizontal position makes the vein function more effectively than in a sitting or standing position. In the vertical position, the gravity is main and blood flow is compromised due to damaged valves. Compression socks can help in alleviating symptoms such as swollen ankles, heavy or aching legs, fatigue and pain, restless legs, and night cramps. Compression socks must be worn until bedtime as it is ideal for treating severe medical conditions.

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I like the pair I bought, wicked witch pair. My husband had a laugh. I was afraid they might be too sung at the top and cut off circulation, but they didn't. I will buy another pair soon.

- Marilyn Riggs

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If you're not satisfied with your compression socks for any reason, Nabee socks offer 100% money back guarantee on your first pair of socks within 90 days of purchase.