Nabee Socks was born from an idea I had during a long nightshift as a nurse. A strange trend had developed at my hospital that month: nurses and doctors were wearing two pairs of socks: one pair of compression socks and one pair of patterned socks overtop. A number of my colleagues had decided that they wanted all the benefits of compression socks while still looking stylish. (Well, as stylish as you can look in ceil blue scrubs). Wearing two pairs of socks seemed silly to me though and I thought a quick Google search would solve everyone’s double-sock woes. I was surprised to find no fashionable compression socks anywhere.

The following weekend, I had a conversation with a young patient that was required to wear compression socks. She had polka dot knee-high socks overtop her compression hose and asked me if any fun compression socks with designs were available. That was my “ah-ha moment” and when I decided that Nabee Socks had to become a reality.

I had no business background, but did have a storied history of selling Beanie Babies on eBay when I was in 6th grade and assumed I could figure out how to start an apparel company. (Beanie Babies paid for my freshman year of college. Yes, really.) So, I went to the drawing board, also known as Google, and started my research.

Two months later, feeling only marginally wiser, I started a Kickstarter campaign to raise some money. I was shocked when the campaign made nearly $13,000 with the help of 253 incredibly generous people. Initially, I was flying blind and putting in 70-hour weeks, but the response from our customers was huge and remains amazing. All the love I feel from Nabee’s supporters is truly incredible and fuels me as an entrepreneur. As a result, Nabee Socks does everything that it can to provide products and services with the utmost honesty and excellence. Providing the best compression socks and customer service is the most we can do to repay all the good vibes ☺

Brian Park, RN - Founder & CEO of Nabee Socks

brian park

I studied biochemistry and nursing at Georgetown University with plans to become an anesthetist. However, after three years of working as a nurse in a surgical intensive care unit, I decided that the field of medicine was not for me. This is when I decided to start Nabee Socks and my journey into entrepreneurship.

Since that time I've had the opportunity to design a company and lifestyle that truly reflect my passions.  I love being a "nurse-preneur" and have found so much joy in my life since putting on my first pair of Nabee Socks. My hope is that this happiness and enthusiasm is evident in all of our service and products.

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7 Extremely Important Facts About Me

1. I like burritos and tacos
Anything can be improved with a tortilla.
2. I'm a magician!
I work for an amazing Chicago non-profit, performing magic for hospitalized children on the weekends.
3. I accidentally visited the Syrian border
I booked a random flight to Turkey due to poor planning and ended up in Sanliurfa, driving Syrian refugees to the grocery store with a Swiss guy named Marco Fux.
4. I love children’s books
Because we are all children sometimes.
“So many things are possible just as long as you don't know they're impossible.”
- The Phantom Tollbooth
5. I can ride a unicycle
I spent one summer training to become a freestyle unicyclist after watching a YouTube video.
6. Cats love me
Is your cat a raging, pretentious jerk? We’d be besties forever.
7. Corgis and Newfoundlands are my favorite dog breeds
One is a small tube of fur ergonomically designed for cuddling. The other is a giant teddy bear… also designed for optimal cuddling.
All in all, I’m a pretty normal guy that just happens to sell socks to put burritos in his mouth.

Nabee Socks - Fun and Fashionable Compression Socks Designed By Nurses | Knee-high with 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression