Unboxing + First Impressions of Nabee Socks

Unboxing + First Impressions of Nabee Socks

Hello blog readers!

My name is Kristyn and I am about to enter my third trimester of pregnancy. When I learned about the benefits of compression socks I knew that I needed to try them out for myself. I’ve ready about compression socks and know they are going to benefit me during my pregnancy. I’m especially worried about getting varicose veins which they can help to prevent. I know that they can also help with blood flow and to relieve foot pain. With all this in mind I was excited to give them a try. I wanted to share my experience with you guys as I unbox them and try them out for the first time.

I’ll link the  unboxing video HERE.

 First of all the ordering process is simple, it is just like any other online shop, and I got email updates as the order was fulfilled and shipped out. Shipping was quick too, it took about 3 business days to arrive and came first class. Unboxing the socks was really easy. They were well taken care of in the bubble mailer and a plastic envelope. I especially like the bold colored packaging. The size was clearly marked on the front. The back of the package explains all the different beneficial parts of my new compression socks. There is also a handy size guide on the back which would make it easy and convenient to order again in the future. 

My first impressions of the socks were great. I thought the material felt very high quality, and the fabric dye appears to be very colorfast. The socks have a great amount of stretch, but with an elasticity that will spring back into shape. The 3 main parts of the socks are the comfort cuff, the cushioned sole, and the seamless toe. The comfort cuff seems to be firm enough to hold up on their own and not sag down but also not too tight. The cushioned sole is a thicker knit that provides support to the bottom of the foot targeting the arch and heel. And my favorite feature of my new socks is the seamless toe, so that there is no weird rubbing to worry about.

 After wearing the socks for a little bit I discovered that they should be a little tighter than you might expect from an average pair of socks. These socks sit about 4 inches from the bottom of my knee so they are longer than what you might expect as well. Wearing them is a comfortable tight feeling, like if you think about a supportive pair of leggings or spandex.

I’m excited to have these socks through the rest of my pregnancy and beyond. I’ve noticed that while wearing them I feel significantly more fresh and energized because my feet don’t get tired. Thanks for following along with my unboxing and first impressions. You need to try them for yourself, I know you’ll love them too. Go grab your pair of Nabee Socks today!

I’ll link the ones that I bought HERE

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