Why to Wear Compression Socks in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy ranks amongst one of the most welcoming and at the same time most critical phases in any woman's lifespan. Nobody is willing to take any sort of risks related to health. 

The female body is subject to varied changes during pregnancy. Weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy. Your legs will have to bear more than normal weight. 

Compression Socks for Pregnancy

Pregnancy ranks amongst one of the most welcoming and at the same time most critical phases in any woman's lifespan. Nobody is willing to take any sort of risks related to health. 

The female body is subject to varied changes during pregnancy. Weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy. Your legs will have to bear more than normal weight. 

Swelling and aches in legs are natural to occur during pregnancy, you cannot eliminate it unless you are prepared to counter it by taking some measures. The most suited and largely preferred alternative is using Compression Socks for Pregnancy. 

These best women's compression socks for edema come with the benefits of providing relief against edema which is experienced by about three fourth of the pregnant women. Varicose veins, another medical condition about which we'll discuss below. Pain in the ankles and legs. All this comes with the usage of the best compression socks for pregnant women. 

Fashionable Pregnancy Compression Socks

So why not to be on the relaxed side when all these can be mitigated. You might have already made your mind in favor of pregnancy compression leggings but wait we have more good news coming your way! 

Compression socks for pregnant women don't have any significant side effects until they are worn in a prescribed manner. Even if there are cases in the past where irregularities were seen, those were either on account of the faulty selection of women's pregnancy compression socks or on account of faulty usage. So be rest assured compression socks for pregnancy are safe for you and the life inside you. 

Evaluating the need for using compression socks during pregnancy:

One might argue that compression socks for women are meant for older people and you don't need them. But believe us, this is a myth, there is enough evidence to support the fact that compression socks for pregnancy have shown overwhelming results in mitigating adverse symptoms arising in the legs due to pregnancy. 

Gives relief in swelling:

Swelling in the legs isn't a soothing condition at all, it impacts your body which is quite obvious, but at the same time, it tinkers with your brain constantly. A statistic suggests that the body of a pregnant woman releases about 50% more body fluids than on normal days. So the chances of getting swelling are multiplied by folds. Talking of ankles there is a separate class of women's compression socks for swollen ankles that are dedicated to swollen ankles. 

Compression socks for pregnancy or pregnancy compression leggings, by whatever name you may call it are of great help in imparting relief from swelling by applying gentle but constant pressure in the legs, allowing the muscles to relax. In the initial days, when you haven't gained too much weight, women's mild compression socks can be taken advantage of. And later the standard and most common women's compression socks 20 30 mmHg can be used. 

Saves you from blood clotting: 

Compression socks for women tend to apply pressure on the legs. This pressure hastens the flow of blood in the veins. More efficient flow of blood results in smooth blood circulation eliminating the probability of blood clotting. 

Thus during pregnancy, it is advised to wear compression socks for pregnancy to avoid blood clotting and improved blood circulation. As blood clots can be very painful and unsightly. 

Varicose veins:

Those purple patches of veins appearing on your legs are unsightly and annoying to the next level. Nobody wants to encounter them, but the harsh reality is that during pregnancy varicose veins are often seen to occur. Compression socks for varicose veins or even compression socks for pregnancy can be used to prevent the appearance of varicose veins. 

Compression Socks for Varicose Veins

Compression socks for varicose veins improve the blood circulation and don't allow the body fluid to accumulate in the veins. When fluid isn't allowed to accumulate in the veins varicose veins disappear! 

Saves you from painful edema:

Though edema is something that is almost inevitable during pregnancy. But using compression socks for pregnancy will surely diminish the severity of edema. 

Edema occurs due to fluid buildup in the veins. Using compression socks for women will lower the painful impacts of edema and will impart relief from swelling as well. 

Prevention against thrombosis:

Pregnancy comes with the added risk of thrombosis. Medical findings illustrate that during pregnancy the susceptibility to thrombosis is multiplied by folds. A pregnant woman is 3-4 times more prone to thrombosis than a normal woman. 

The fact that blood tends to become 40-50% thicker during pregnancy to support the mother. Not only this but, the veins grow thicker due to the secretion of female sex hormone, progesterone. All this adds up to the susceptibility to thrombosis. Compression socks thrombosis is highly recommended to be used as they will shield you from thrombosis during pregnancy. 

Factors to consider while selecting the most appropriate women's pregnancy compression socks:

Pregnancy is a special phase of life and hence you need to be well aware of each of your actions and decisions. Choosing the best compression socks for pregnant women is one such critical aspect. You cannot just pay a visit to the market and select any Pregnancy compression tights that fall in the category of best compression socks for pregnant women. 

You will have to make a checklist of various factors discussed below and then decide which pair of women's pregnancy compression socks Satisfies that checklist to the closest. 


The compression socks must fit firmly in your legs as you might have to wear them for spells of long hours. ill-fitting compression socks for pregnancy might probe problems while wearing. They can cause itching and discomfort. So to avoid such irregularities, find the best compression socks for pregnant women that fit perfectly as well! 


This aspect is subjective and depends on the person who will wear them. There is a range of fashionable compression socks for women available in the market. These stylish pregnancy compression leggings serve the purpose for which they are put into use along with imparting a cool appearance to the women. 

Colorful Compression Socks


Compression Socks Sizing Guide
How to Measure Compression Socks Size

Graduated compression socks:

Graduated compression socks are designed in a way to provide extra pressure at the ankles and gradually the pressure goes on decreasing when we moves upwards. These compression socks are more comfortable to wear. 

Who should avoid using compression socks:

The benefits of using compression socks for women are world known, and compression socks for pregnancy are no less than a boon for pregnant women. Still, there is a class of people who are advised not to wear 

compression socks. Especially without properly consulting a physician. Pregnant women who previously diagnosed for the following should not wear compression socks: 

  • Condition of peripheral neuropathy and peripheral disease
  • Massive lower edema 
  • Skin infection of any type. 


  1. Do compression socks really work for pregnancy?

Yes, obviously compression socks for pregnancy are way too useful for expecting mothers. They have proven medical grounds to be relied upon. They help you against various painful and tacky conditions like varicose veins, edema, swelling, aches, and much more. 

So you can assume that investing in compression socks for pregnancy will turn out to be a good one for you. You will have a soothing experience. 

  1. How often should I wear compression socks while pregnant?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule for wearing compression socks during pregnancy. It depends on the person wearing them. You can wear them as long as you are comfortable with them, and they are not itchy or discomforting. 

But be advised to wear compression socks for pregnancy while walking, sitting, and standing as this is the time when the action of compression socks will be required the most. 

We don't advise you and you don't even need to wear them while sleeping.

  1. How tight should compression socks be?

Compression socks should be tight as they are meant to provide pressure. But that doesn't mean that you wear compression socks that are choking or too tight. 

Instead, you should choose the size which fits perfectly and firmly in your legs. Too tight or too loose compression socks for pregnancy are of no good so choose the size accordingly. 

  1. What are the side effects of compression stockings?

Honestly, if you will ask if there are side effects of using compression socks for pregnancy, we'll say yes, there are certain side effects. One can encounter broken skins, discomfort, irritation, itching, and skin dents. 

But at the same time, these are not any serious issues that can force you to undermine loads of positive offerings made by compression socks for pregnancy. 


Compression socks for pregnancy help to stimulate your legs and give you a sentiment of relief throughout the day. Expecting moms will find the advantages of pressure socks worn during pregnancy, they will consider compression socks for pregnancy as one of their wisest decisions. They may even think of wearing them after the delivery, as well! 

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