Reasons Nurses Love Nabee Socks! Nurse Compression Socks

Compression Socks for Nurses

Reasons Nurses Love Nabee Socks! Nurse Compression Socks

Nurses love Nabee Socks. (And Nabee Socks loves nurses!) Nabee understands nurse life and what nurses need in a pair of compression socks. But we can't just say that -- we have to prove it. So let's take a look at 7 Reasons Nurses Love Nabee Socks!

Designed For Nurses, By Nurses

We can safely say that Nabee Socks understands nurses and #nurselife better than most companies. Why? Because Nabee Socks was created by a nurse for nurses! In fact, the idea for Nabee Socks was born during a long night shift. Click here to read about Nabee Socks founder Brian Park.

Reduced Leg Fatigue

Compression socks reduce leg fatigue, and we all know no one gets leg fatigue like a nurse on a 12-hour shift. Leg fatigue, aka that "heavy legs feeling," can be alleviated by compression, which helps move the blood from your feet to your legs, and back to your heart. Get some Nabee Socks for those long shifts and you'll feel better!

Improved Blood Flow Means Healthier Legs

All the walking and standing that nurses do can take a toll. Long shifts on your feet can be painful, even more so if your circulation isn't at the top of its game. Poor circulation leads to reduced blood flow, and that's where swelling sets in, as well as more problematic issues like varicose veins. Nabee Socks give your legs help in moving that blood back to toward your heart. Increased blood flow will keep varicose veins at bay and your legs will feel fresher! 

Nabee Socks for Nurses - Waldough

Waldough is one of our best sellers! Click the pic to order now!

Nabee Socks Are Fun and Fashionable!

Nabee knows nurses don't want to wear boring socks. That's why we make fun, colorful, fashionable styles! You can wear Nabee Socks during your shift and then out on the town after work! Our compression socks are not just for scrubs. As you can see, sparkly skirts and red pumps work too!

Not Just For Nursing

Nabee Socks are a nurse's best friend, but they're not just for nursing. Nabee Socks improve recovery times after a long run or workout by keeping the blood moving in your legs. They are great for frequent fliers, or people who sit a lot at work, especially drivers. Nabee Socks will help anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet!

Legs Feel Good and Look Good!

Nabee Socks help ward off spider and varicose veins to keep your legs looking good and feeling fresh and healthy. They help your legs feel better and stay healthy. Click here to read more about how compression socks work. Put a little pep in your step with a pair of Nabee's fashionable compression socks!

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We bought Sgt. Toaster a comfy dog bed, but nothing beats the softness and comfort of Nabee Socks!

Style and Science

Last but not least on our list, Nabee Socks are one of the only FDA-registered, medical-quality, designer compression socks on the market. We got this covered from all angles!
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