Do compression socks work? Take a look at this infographic that details some interesting stats about the effects compression socks have had on athletes and people from different professions. Then after the infographic we'll tell you a bit more about Nabee Socks!

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Nabee Socks are the world's most fun and colorful compression socks! We've done away with the boring, drab compression socks that you find at drugstores. We feature vibrant colors and fun styles that make you smile! Plus, they have all the health benefits mentioned in the infographic. Nabee Socks will:

  • Alleviate pain, fatigue, & swelling
  • Shorten recovery times after exercise
  • Prevent spider and varicose veins

Our socks are different than other compression socks. The compression level is 15-20mmHg, which is perfect for everyday use. The quality is unmatched. Once you put on a pair of Nabee Socks you'll be amazed at the comfort! Check out these Nabee Socks features!

  • Easier to Wear - Larger openings to make pulling on our compression socks easier.
  • Stay-Up Cuff - Our new ‘Stay-Up Cuff’ is now larger and non-binding for even more comfort below the knee
  • Seamless Toe - No stitching at the end of the sock! More comfort and no irritation!
  • Increased Cushion - More cushion throughout the entire sock, including the heel and Achilles area. So comfy!
  • Softer and More Breathable - Our Nabee Comfort Blend features new stitching and the highest-quality fabric we could find, making our socks softer, more breathable, and more comfortable!
  • All-Day Comfort - From the top of the cuff to the bottom of the heel, our Nabee Comfort Blend provides soothing, all-day comfort that your legs and feet will love!
  • Quality - Designed and approved by nurses. FDA registered with more than 20 years of medical compression garment manufacturing experience.

Do compression socks work? Yes! Get your Nabee Socks today and feel the difference!

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