How to Find the Best Quality Compression Socks

How to find the best quality compression socks

We come to you with this important update: all compression socks are NOT created equally. Just because someone says their product is "High Quality" (every online product description ever) doesn't make it true.

There are a few things to look for when assessing compression socks quality:

  • Quality of fabric - What type of fabric do they use and how much
  • Quality of construction - How they are actually put together
  • Price of the product - More can sometimes mean less

Compression Socks Quality - Fabric Matters

We'll look at fabric quality first. This may or may not be news to you, but cheaper socks use fabric that doesn't last as long and likely isn't as comfortable as socks made with better fabric. Think of those awful towels we used to use in gym class. Then think of the towels at the nicest hotel you've ever visited. Think of when you saw that cute pair of socks at the grocery store and they were only $4! Did you have a fun week with those socks? We kid, but anything made from cheap fabric will not survive many washes and wears.

Nabee Socks spent a lot of time doing research and development before we released our Nabee Comfort Blend. We like to say that Nabee Socks has the perfect mix of style and science. Nabee Socks are one of the only FDA-registered, medical-quality, designer compression socks on the market. If you read through the Nabee Socks Reviews, you'll find the majority of the comments are about how soft and smooth our socks feel and how durable they are. Our socks are built to last, and our customers are happy to tell you that is true!

Nabee Socks - How We Make the Best Quality Compression Socks

Compression Socks Quality - Construction Matters

Are all socks created the same way? That's a big no. We use the best quality of fabrics we can find. But if we did not know how to construct the socks properly it wouldn't matter what the fabric quality is. You see this in t-shirts and polos all the time. The stitching starts to weaken or even start to come apart after a wash or two.

All Nabee Socks are constructed using 200-needle count stitching, plus the best quality fabric we could find. That's a winning team right there! Higher needle counts mean better overall construction and a tighter knit. A decent analogy is to think of tying your shoes. If you double-knot them the shoes will stay tighter and tied longer. 200-needle count stitching leads to a fine, well-constructed product that will definitely be durable. This means you shouldn't see those little holes start to show up near the toes and the bottom of the feet after a few wears. That's a clear sign that the stitching was subpar and the fabric quality probably was too.

Compression Socks Quality - Price Matters

Price always matters. We've tried so many of our competitor's socks. Most of the under-$10 compression socks you find online should have an expiration date on them. They simply aren't going to last.

The flip side of that is the ultra-expensive compression socks. If you are paying $50 per pair of compression socks then you are paying strictly for a brand's name. Basically, you are paying that amount because they do so much advertising and promotion they need to charge more because their customer acquisition costs are more. This is not to say that their socks aren't quality, it's just that you don't have to pay $50 per pair to get high-quality compression socks. 

Simply put, Nabee Socks offer you the best quality compression socks on the market and we do it at a fraction of the cost of the "big name" compression socks companies. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on your first pair of Nabee Socks. If you don't like them for whatever reason, just e-mail us and we will replace them or give you a full refund at no cost to you. 

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Finally, let's check out the key benefits of wearing Nabee compression socks, and then we'll take a look at what we call The Nabee Socks Difference. You'll find this in a few different places on our website because this is the most important information you can have to make an informed purchase. 


  • Alleviates pain, fatigue, & swelling
  • Shortens recovery times after exercise
  • Prevents spider and varicose veins


  • Easier to Wear - Larger openings to make pulling on our compression socks easier.
  • Stay-Up Cuff - Our new ‘Stay-Up Cuff’ is now larger and non-binding for even more comfort below the knee
  • Seamless Toe - No stitching at the end of the sock! More comfort and no irritation!
  • Increased Cushion - More cushion throughout the entire sock, including the heel and Achilles area. So comfy!
  • Softer and More Breathable - Our Nabee Comfort Blend features new stitching and the highest-quality fabric we could find, making our socks softer, more breathable, and more comfortable!
  • All-Day Comfort - From the top of the cuff to the bottom of the heel, our Nabee Comfort Blend provides soothing, all-day comfort that your legs and feet will love!
  • Quality - Designed and approved by nurses. FDA registered with more than 20 years of medical compression garment manufacturing experience.

Style and science. Quality fabric and quality construction. It all comes together to make Nabee Socks the world's most fun and comfortable compression socks! 

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