How are Nabee Compression Socks Different Than Regular Tube Socks?

Compression Socks vs. Tube Socks

How are Nabee Compression Socks Different Than Regular Tube Socks?

Hey readers! My name is Kristyn and I am a new blogger for Nabee compression socks. If you are in the market for compression socks you may be asking yourself how they differ from regular tube socks that you might find on an end cap of a sporting goods store. I’ve been there too and have some thoughts to share with you.

 I actually remember wearing my first pair of tall tube socks when I was in little league soccer many years ago. Let me tell you- Nabee compression socks are NOT those socks! The technology of textiles have come a long way since those days and Nabee compression socks cannot even be compared to those old saggy things. That brings me to my first point…

Not even comparable!

Compression socks should not be compared to regular socks because they are so, so different. Nabee compression socks are far superior to the tall socks you have sitting in the bottom of your sock drawer.  First of all, compression socks provide many real health benefits that regular tube socks simply do not. Regular socks may provide warmth, style, and comfort- but so can Nabee’s- plus so many more benefits!

The thing to note is that regular socks do not aid in swelling, injury prevention, or increase circulation like Nabee compression socks do. You see, our socks are specially designed to help reduce or prevent many different disorders that affect the feet and legs.

Maximum Comfort

Nabee compression socks just feel different than regular socks. If you think about regular tube socks they are actually very simple. They have a knitted tube shape that curves at the heel, then closes at the toe. The stitching on regular socks usually has a funky and uncomfortable stitching line at the toe line. Well don’t worry, Nabee compression socks have a much more thought out design. Each curve of the sock has been carefully designed to provide comfort and relief for the entire foot and ankle. Nabee compression socks are different because they have alternative stitching to pad the feet, heel, and achilles areas. This additional padding increases comfort and support in the sock. Nabee socks also provide a seamless toe to prevent irritation. These features of the Nabee compression socks are a lifesaver especially if you are on your feet all day.

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Here’s another thing, those old tube socks just don’t last. It feels like after just one wash they start to sag. Well Nabee compression socks won’t fall down because they are made from a stretchy nylon/lycra blend, and have a supportive top cuff. You don’t have to worry about constantly pulling them up throughout the day! The fact that they are made of nylon and lycra also makes them breathable so there’s no need to worry about stinky sweaty socks, what a bonus!

Benefits of Our Socks

How are Nabee Compression Socks Different Than Regular Tube Socks

The benefits of wearing Nabee compression socks far outweigh those of regular tube socks. Compressions socks provide special comfort and supportBut did you know that Nabee compression socks can help with blood flow? Compression socks work by putting pressure or squeezing your veins to help circulate blood from your toes back to your heart. Improving circulation can lower the risk of blood clots and also reduce swelling and inflammation in your veins. Our socks can provide faster muscle recovery for athletes and injury prevention. They can help to lesson foot pain caused by varicose veins, reverses venous hypertension, and improves lymphatic drainage. The technology in Nabee compression socks can even prevent blood from pooling in lower extremities, diminish swelling, reduce orthostatic hypotension, prevents venous ulcers, and prevents development of DVT’s.

Nabee compression socks really are comfortable, that is the honest truth. The added support and comfort they provide is superior to anything else I’ve tried, especially when you know their additional benefits. Nabee compression socks simply cannot be compared to anything else, once you try them you’ll see. But don’t take my word for it, you’ll have to grab a pair to see for yourself!

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