Can You Wear Compression Socks as Dress Socks?

Compression Dress Socks by Nabee

Can You Wear Compression Socks as Dress Socks?

Two things are currently happening in the workplace: people are wearing brighter and more colorful socks and people are realizing that compression socks have some awesome health benefits. But for some the question still remains -- Can you wear compression socks as dress socks? 

The answer is yes! They even have their own category now: Compression Dress Socks. Our Nabee Socks are perfect for wearing as dress socks. They're fun and colorful. They'll make you smile because of how they look, and they'll make you smile because your feet and legs will feel AMAZING. They're easy to put on and then it's like walking on clouds all day long.

Let's check some of the styles. Just click any link or picture when you're ready to order!

Grey Striped Compression Dress Socks

Grey Striped Compression Dress Socks

These grey striped socks are the perfect example of how you can wear compression socks as dress socks. They are stylish and feature that classic look, but they also give you 20-30mmHg of compression to help move the blood up from your feet and back to your heart, keeping your legs feeling fresh in the process.

Black and White Striped Compression Dress Socks

The Nabee Black and White Striped Compression Socks are another style that is perfect for the office or a night out on the town. These also feature 20-30mmHg compression.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is simply a lovely argyle sock featuring a soothing blend of pink and light blue. This sock, and the ones to follow, have 15-20mmHg compression. While 20-30mmHg are considered medical grade, 15-20mmHg is considered to be more popular for everyday usage. Your going to get the same Nabee Comfort Blend with either level of compression, making our socks so soft and ultra-comfortable!


Our famous Bolo socks can go with just about any type of outfit you choose. A classic black and grey striped design with the luxurious feel of the Nabee Comfort Blend. 


Twister is our take on a fun polka dot sock that might remind you of a classic kids game. These socks feature green, yellow, fuschia, and light blue polka dots on white socks, a combination that we think is both cute and classy! We think by now you are probably sold on wearing compression socks as dress socks. So we'll leave you to your shopping. Have fun picking out the perfect styles for you!

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