Twister - Your New Favorite Polka Dot Compression Socks!

Polka Dot Compression Socks

Twister - Your New Favorite Polka Dot Compression Socks!

Some things never go out of style. Jeans. Hats. Skirts. And, of course, cute Polka Dot Compression Socks! Nabee is releasing a lot of new styles this year and we had to include one with polka dots. Introducing: Twister!

Twister - Polka Dot Compression Socks

Nabee’s newest polka dot compression socks were inspired by the classic game we all played as kids -- and maybe even still play today! Now there's probably an app for the game. (Just checked - there are several! BRB, gonna go download it.)

Nabee's Twister features green, yellow, fuschia, and light blue polka dots on white Compression socks, a combination that is both cute and classy! You’ll be able to play (or work) all day, as our Nabee Comfort Blend will keep your feet and legs feeling wonderful all day long. 

You'll love all the features of Nabee's new sock design. The new seamless toe eliminates irritation because there is no stitching! 

These socks are even thicker than before, which means they are more comfortable, but they are also more breathable! We just released the new design earlier this year and we are getting tremendous feedback. 

Valued customer Em says: "The new socks are softer with padded soles. I love them!!!

THREE exclamation marks, people. Three. She's not playing. There's no doubt these are super soft and incredibly cozy! 

So come on baby, let's do the twist. (I had to fit that in somewhere, sorry.) Click the picture above or click this Twister link to order yours now! And don't forget to check out all the new styles. We're on fire this year and we're just getting started! Nabee Socks - the world's most fun and colorful compression socks! 

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