nabee socks compression diagram
What they do...

Nabee's compression socks provide your precious lower extremities with enhanced blood circulation by gently hugging your legs, which helps the flow of fluids from your legs back towards the heart.

  • Alleviates pain, swelling, & fatigue - Improving circulation in your legs and feet helps to alleviate pain and tiredness. Both the flow of fresh blood and the prevention of swollen tissues goes a long way to increase comfort and energy throughout a long day.
  • Prevents spider & varicose veins - Veins have tiny valves to prevent blood from flowing backwards. When these valves fail, it causes the blood to pool in the veins, stretching them into varicose or spider veins. Compression socks are the #1 treatment for varicose veins because they improve circulation, ensuring healthy, vibrant legs.
  • Shortens recovery time after exercise - The flow of freshly oxygenated blood and the removal of waste products are vitally important to muscle recovery after exercise. Nabee Socks ensure that your body's natural recovery systems work optimally while you rest. 

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Nabee means "butterfly" in Korean and was the name of my father’s art gallery. I chose the name to honor my father’s superhuman dedication to creating an exceptional life, family, and business. When I was a child my father would tell me cliché stories of his life growing up in Korea. “We had no running water. I brushed my teeth with salt on my finger!” I rolled my eyes at the time... Continue Reading

The Evidence

Nabee Socks is a nurse-owned company and we believe in backing all our products with both science and a 100% money back guarantee. We've created an infographic of the proven benefits of compression socks with references and everything! Check it out below.

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