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Comfy legs & feet

I love these socks. My legs still have energy after a long day at work. They also still keep its shape after the wash


Well made socks that leave room for the toes to wiggle but super supportive of arch My legs and feet feel way better when I wear these socks!

Totally Rock

Awesome socks I may need to go up a larger size

Sock review

Thank you for asking this question. I really liked the black and white striped and the black striped socks. I also like the black ones with the colored hearts. The pink and green ones and the green and blue ones were too tight around my feet due to the material being so thick. They all fit good around the ankles and knees.
Thank you

Snug fit

Purchased these socks back in 2017, they are still holding up very well along with my other pairs. Air drying seems to help with keeping them intact. I’m on my feet for 12+ hrs. I started to developed some varicose veins but these socks reduced and kept them from getting worse. No tires legs or swollen ankles during shifts. Extremely please with my socks. I do wear them around the house if I have to be up my feet for long.

These socks feel good & look great!

I rdcently had knee replacement surgery and purchased these to support reducing swelling. They are working well, fit well and are quite comfortable.

Feels Like Heaven, even after a 13 hour shift!!

I’ve worn compression socks in the past but they have never given me the support & comfort my new Nabee socks gave me immediately!

Cushioned heal, fantastic support and DID NOT pinch or leave painful impressions below my knees!

Will be ordering again!


Great socks ordered 2 more

The best!!!!

I have been a RN for 8 years on my feet all day for hours and these are by far the best socks I have ever owned !! I will be buying these for life ! Thank you Nabee!!


My daughter recommended these as we both have the same issues and opinions with most compression socks. I also suffer from neuropathy in both feet so compression socks I've tried all feel like 40 grit sandpaper after only a couple hours. The Nabee socks are nothing short of amazing. They're like having cloud slippers on even after wearing them all day. Service is amazing as well as they respond far quicker than I expected. I would like to see more masculine options apart from solid black/white as even the "gender neutral" color options lean more feminine. Argyle anyone?

Awesome socks!

These socks are so comfortable and fun! I can’t wait to buy more.

Legs feel great all day!

I bought this to wear in clinic. I am a dental hygiene instructor and am on my feet for several hours at a time. These socks are a game changer. I have no leg or feet fatigue or soreness. They are wonderful!


I'm a PCU night nurse so running around all night had my feet killing me after 12-13 hours. These make my feet feel amazing! They are the only socks I wear to work now, I'm definitely ordering more fun colors!

My favorites by far!!

I have awful neuropathy in my feet and have tried several other brands of compression socks and Nabees are by far my favorite. They are much easier for my family to help me get on and hardly ever settle into wrinkles. They stay smooth and comforting unlike most other brands. The designs are cute and make me happy.

Wonderful socks

Feet feel great, legs don't hurt after 12 to 13 hour shifts on hospital floors. Love them very much.


I love my socks from Nabee. I have compression socks from another company that makes really good socks, but they are so difficult to to get over my heels with the 20-30 compression. Nabee's are easier. And they are really stylish with fun colors and designs. I will definitely purchase more.

Works great!

This is my first time using compression socks but my auto immune disease has been causing lots of pain and swelling in my feet and ankles and these are amazing! Hands down I wish I got them sooner. Will definitely get a few more pairs.


I won a pair at work thru a raffle. After my first shift of wearing them, I went on website & ordered more!! Love them!!

So far so good!

I’m a nursing student and my feet were KILLING after just 3 hours into my clinical shifts. I had to figure something out. I tried crocs. No luck. The part that sold me on these socks was that they are padded on the bottom for more support and cushion! I also love that these are made by nurses! I have been wearing them all day with my new asix and my feet haven’t been hurting at all! The designs are also cute 😊

Compression socks review

I LOVE my Nabee compression socks I work at a veterinary clinic that has concrete floors and I have restless leg, shine splints, RA and psoriatic arthritis and I notice a difference when I wear your socks. My feet and legs hurt a lot less than when I don’t. I highly recommend them to my coworker and anyone else that is in our profession
Thanks Pam

Love these socks

I love the durability of them. They are so comfortable. And the fun patterns are so unique. I get complimented all of the time on my socks.

Legs feel great!

These are not like other compression socks. My legs feel energized and I can even exercise after standing all day.

Love them!

I am loving these socks. I love how soft they are!


ICU RN been wearing Nabee compression socks exclusively since first try (3+ years)! Love the support without feeling suffocating. Feet stay dry and the arch support and cushion on feet is fantastic. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Nabee!

Love these socks!!

I have been wearing another brand that I won’t mention that I loved, but I love these socks even more!!! They are so soft and the compression is perfect for being on my feet all shift in the ER! I think I’ve found a new compression sock for work!