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I have big calves naturally and these fit like a dream!! I do home health and drive all day. My legs were swollen and heavy. No more! I love them!

Comfortable, cute and soothing!

I work in a hospital lab, and stand or walk the majority of my shift on cement floors. I ordered a pair of the chevron socks, which are very cute, and instantly fell in love with them. My legs and feet feel well supported and much less fatigued at the end of the shift. Definitely ordering more!

Loving the new design!

I recently got the Bolo design socks in the new 2019 Nabee design and I'm loving them! It's a more comfy fit than the old design, a nice comfortable hug on the legs, rather than squeezing them. They're easier to put on as well! This design is nice because it doesn't leave design indents on the legs like others do. Thanks for tweaking and find tuning your amazing product Nabee team!

Very poor

I did NOT get my socks

Nabee socks for the win!

I have purchased now about 5 awesome fun prints from nabee socks. They are the only compression stockings that actually work for me and my legs don’t hurt after a 12 hour shift. I will always buy from nabee cause they are true to their product. I always look forward to new prints! I get lots of compliments on them as well and can’t rave enough about them to my co-workers.

I love my Nabee socks!

These socks are wonderful! They have helped me survive many a 12 hour shift. I love all the new designs, too. Thank you Nabee for making such a quality product.

Grey Stripe - (20-30mmHg)

Great socks !

Wear well, look good, and feel great!

Bolo - (15-20mmHg) - 2019 Design

Great support and comfortable!

I purchased Burnin Love - (15-20mmHg) - 2019 Design XL compression socks and my legs and feet felt great all day! I’m 5 feet 8.5 inches tall and I wear Women’s size 11 sneakers. The socks fit really well and they are not that hard to put on or take off. They really help to reduce the swelling in my ankles. I sit at the computer for my job as well as walk around the building where I work.

Entry level nurse's gift

Awesome design


Definitely notice a difference when I wear these socks to work.


Best compression socks ever! I love the toe and heel.

Best Socks!!!

These socks are the best! My feet felt so much better at the end of my shift. They are so cushiony!

Great stockings

Super cute compression stockings, comfortable to wear for the day. The top does cut a little at the end of the day but folding it down a little seems to do the trick. Nicely priced.

Love them!!!

They are so colorful and I am keeping my legs from swelling. I am a cardiac nurse and I love the EKG on them.


I am so glad I found these! Right now I am a bartender and a phlebotomy student. I am older and have planters fasciitis and LOVE the cushioned sole on the 2019 designs. Please keep doing that. It makes a huge difference!! Look forward to ordering new designs.


This is the 3rd pair I've purchased for my daughter. She's used them throughout nursing school and clinicals. Now that she's starting her "big girl" job as an RN, I thought I'd get her another pair. She loves them, comfort and style. Customer service is awesome too!!

Comfy & durable!

I love these socks! I’ve washed them over 5 times & the fabric/tightness is still holding up! Only mistake I’ve made is washing them with my burgundy scrubs which slightly dyed the white parts. So be careful when washing! The swelling & pain I used to have is no longer an issue. Thank you!

Ordered 2 pair

Cute design, but very uncomfortable. I ordered XL based on the size chary. But rhey were tigjt on my calves. Wore for8hrs and my legs/feet were sore for 2 days. Very disappointed

When i purchsed these I did not realize they were capris. Although I was wanting full length, the capris are great. Good quality

Nabee 20 to 30 mmhg

I love thes socks. They are so supportive and comfortable. Customer service to exchange to a larger size was fast and wonderful!

Great looking and feeling great, too!
Wished you had designs for men and just not plain. Got an adult son that loves my designs.


It feels good to wear ur socks!😍

Great for work

Very happy with my purchase so far. Comfortable and cute