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Benefits of Nabee Compression Socks

  Alleviates Pain & Fatigue

  Stops Swelling

  Prevents Spider & Varicose Veins

  Increases awesomeness by 1000%

nurse avatar"I LOVE my Nabee socks. Before I discovered this product, my 12 shifts as an ICU nurse had my feet sore and miserable. I had tried tennis shoes, nursing clogs, shoe inserts with no relief. Now, with these socks my feet and legs feel 100% better!" - JM
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The Nabee Socks Difference

magicDesigned by Nurses - Nurses are on their feet all day and know what's needed in the perfect pair of compression socks.  All Nabee Socks pass the "12-hr nursing shift test".  Trust us, we're medical professionals :)   

cloudComfy Compression - Premium fabrics that are super soft, larger openings to make pulling them on easier, and non-irritating toe boxes that never scratch or squish.

medalMedical Quality Therapy - FDA-registered patent and manufactured with 20+ years of medical garment manufacturing experience.

teacher avatar"My legs felt GREAT. The socks hugged my calves and were easy to get on and off. I told a compression-loving friend of mine about them right away and will definitely be getting more pairs for myself and for my mother." - M.F.
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Here at Nabee Socks, we say, "Look Good, Feel Good!"

Forget about those ugly black and "nude" colored compression socks from the drugstore.  You deserve healthy legs that are free from pain, varicose veins, and swelling. It should never be a chore to wear your compression socks.  That's why we guarantee that you'll love the way Nabee Socks look and feel. We believe that you should be excited to put on your compression socks every morning!

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manager avatar "I am absolutely in love with these socks! I wear them to work and its like I'm walking on air.  I'd never take them off if I could." - AK


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me at 4 years old

What does Nabee Socks mean to me?

When I was a child my father would tell me cliché stories of his life growing up in Korea. “We had no running water. I brushed my teeth with salt on my finger!” I rolled my eyes at the time...

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No Hassle | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve taken all the hassle out of the Satisfaction Guarantee! We’re so confident that you’ll love your Nabee Socks that if you're not entirely satisfied, we'll give you a full refund that same day. No questions asked. There are no complicated forms or delay. You don't even have to send back the socks. We trust all our customers, but must also protect ourselves against fraud. So, our Satisfaction Guarantee is only valid on your first pair of socks and must be redeemed within two weeks of your order.

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