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100% Happy Feet Guarantee: Use Nabee Socks for at least 90 days and if you’re not thrilled with the results —it’s on us!

"My legs feel so much better and less tired after a 12 hour shift!!"

Nisha, Recent Nabee Socks Customer.

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100% Happy Feet Guarantee: Use Nabee Socks for at least 90 days and if you’re not thrilled with the results —it’s on us!

❤️ Why You'll Love Them


- Helps push blood back up the feet
- Help reduce leg pain by providing circulation support
- Keep your socks where they should be
- Won't cut off circulation
- More comfortable than 90% of compression socks on the market
- Reduce impact on your feet
- Reduce leg pain from being on your feet
- No more toe irritation
- Wearable 16+ hours
- Breathable 
- Special stitching provides some extra airflow on the top of your foot to increase comfort
- Help reduce foot pain

🚚 Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping for all orders over $49+.

Nabee socks are shipped from Quincy, Illinois via USPS.  Estimated delivery time 
USA - 2-5 business days 
Canada - 5-10 business days

We stand by our socks and offer a 90 day, Risk-Free trial.  If you need another size, we will exchange them for free.  If you don't love them, we'll give you a refund.

🧺 Fabric and Washing Instructions

Our socks are made of 72% Nylon and 28% Lycra. 

Machine instructions:

  • Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach.
  • Hang to dry and prevent shrinkage.
  • We do not recommend using fabric softeners or bleach. They can alter the look and feel of the fabric.

🧦 Size Chart

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Kristen unboxes her first pair of Nabee compression socks

Hands Down... The Best Compressions Socks In The US

  • Doctor Recommended

    Doctors across the US recommend Nabee Socks to patients with Varicose Veins and Plantar Fasciitis.

  • Perfect For Long Flights

    No more leg pain after a long flight. Next time you're traveling, a pair of Nabee Socks will save the day.

  • Nurses Love It

    Nurses that take 12+ hours long shifts wear Nabee Socks for a reason... Because they work.

  • The Best

    Hundred of customers come back and buy multiple pairs because Nabee Socks are the best 🙌

Nurses, Travelers & Athletes Love Nabee Socks

Each pair we make is designed carefully not only to look good on your feet, but to make you feel more comfort and less pain throughout the day.
  • Non Binding, Non slip cuff
  • Achilles Heel Padding
  • Cushioned Sole
  • Breathable Softer Fabric
  • Ventilated Foot
  • Seamless Toe

Nabee Socks are Tailored with your Everyday needs in mind

  • Improves blood circulation and helps prevent vein insufficiencies, blood clotting, and pooling.

  • Perfect for air travel as it prevents risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during long flights.

  • No more swelling in the legs and ankles — 20-30 mmHg graduated pressure gets rid of the aching!

  • Alleviates the soreness you get from being on your feet all day. Your legs will feel great when you're back home!

  • Our unique design provides enhanced arch support for pain-free feet.

  • Our knitted cuffs allows your socks to stay up throughout your day. No need to constantly pull them up.

  • With our premium and non-itch breathable design, you'll have a longer lasting sock compared to other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help? We've got you covered!

Where are Nabee Socks made?

Nabee socks are made in Taiwan. We found that Taiwan offers us the best quality socks but allows us to keep the prices down. No socks here made from China where they fall apart, aren't made right and are just bad for you.

Where are Nabee Socks shipped from?

Nabee socks are shipped from Quincy, Illinois

What is your return/exchange policy?

Know the worst feeling in the world - trying to return something and finding out its been over 30 days. We get it, everyone is busy which is why we give you 90 days to return or exchange any pairs that you buy. We will send your a return label so you don't pay any return shipping.

How do I wash these socks?

Machine instructions:

  • Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach.
  • Hang to dry and prevent shrinkage.
  • We do not recommend using fabric softeners or bleach.
    They can alter the look and feel of the fabric.

Is there stitching on the inside of the sock?

The solid and striped socks will have little to zero stitching on the inside. The designs will have stitching on the inside of the sock. The designs are not printed.

What are Nabee Socks made of?

72% Nylon and 28% Lycra. 

How long do the socks last?

With average usage, good quality compression socks last between 6-12 months. We have customers who have had our socks last for 3+ years.  

What if my socks don't fit?

Just contact us at and we will exchange or return them at no cost to you. We want to help you get the right size so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Hundreds of delighted customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 591 reviews
Dennis Hayes

Fantastic compression just what I need and over the calf.

Incredible compression

Thank you for these graduated compression socks they help so much being on my feet for 12 hrs. Thank you again for all that you do!

Erin Macho
Great sock

Love the colors. my legs have never felt better. I ordered a small and I’m a 6.5/7 shoe size

MJ Humphries
Finally a compression sock that works!

I've tried so many different brands and none worked. They were so tight and so hard to put on, I had to take them off. The size I ordered from Nabee was according to the chart, but the upper part of my calfs are larger due to my knees getting swollen from my arthritis. I sent Nabee an email explaining this and they sent me the next size up without question! Great customer service. I am wearing the larger size now and they feel wonderful. Thanks Nabee!

Dee Dee
Knock your socks off

Pain free legs after a 12+ hour day love them soooo much

Size Chart

Trying to determine the best sock size for you?

How To Measure?

In order to select the correct compression sock size, we recommend you take the following measurements using a soft tape measure. If necessary, ask someone else to help.
1. CALF:
Pass the tape measure around the largest part of your calf which is usually a couple of inches under the knee. The tape measure should sit snugly against your body but not pulled too tight.

Pass the tape measure around your ankle.

Shoe size is a last resort - it is not very accurate but can be used to get a general idea of what size to purchase. Please be aware that using shoe size may result in needing to exchange for a different size which we will happily do for you at no cost.
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