We Know You'll Fall for Nabee Socks!

We Know You'll Fall for Nabee Socks!

Fare thee well, Summer. It's been real. But it's time to welcome in another fall (and winter). Yes, we will see beautiful foliage, kids frolicking in Halloween costumes, lots of football and fun holidays, but now we need to cover up and dress warmer. This includes your legs and feet!

If I had my way I'd wear a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops all year round. But I don't live in Hawaii -- quite the opposite climate in fact. Here in Chicago, we deal with mostly two seasons: construction and winter. It's a funny joke -- to people who don't live in Chicago. But here's the point of this rambling: just like your body, your feet and legs have it rougher throughout cold weather seasons. 

Compression Socks increase blood flow in cold temps.

Cold Temps Reduce Blood Circulation

According to UPMC, "Cold weather also puts immense strain on the heart. Low temperatures cause your blood vessels and arteries to narrow, restricting blood flow and reducing oxygen to the heart. Your heart must pump harder to circulate blood through the constricted blood vessels."

Compression Socks Help the Heart

Compression socks are perfect for cold weather because they help the heart circulate blood throughout the body. The compression assists your veins and arteries in moving the blood back up from your feet and legs and back to the heart. When it's really cold and arteries and blood vessels shrink, give your heart some help with Nabee Socks!

Ashley wearing EKG Nabee Socks
Keep warm and keep comfortable all day with Nabee Socks! (Pic: Instagram @alexissashley)

Keep Warm with Nabee Socks

The Nabee Comfort Blend is special in that it allows you to have the best of both worlds. The socks are incredibly breathable, which means your feet won't sweat or overheat. But they are all well-constructed and thick enough to help keep your feet warm. 

Fun Socks for Fall

Everyone has their own style, so be sure to check out our entire selection of fun and fashionable compression socks. Get your sock game strong for the colder fall and winter weather. Nabee Socks for the win!!

Nabee Socks

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