April 20, 2015


Our Philosophy

Honesty and creativity are at the root of everything we do at Nabee Socks. Our goal is to create products that people love through honest communication with all our supporters.

Wealth & Wellness Live 2015

Wealth and Wellness Live was in Atlanta last weekend, where I got the opportunity to teach nurses about entrepreneurship and "minimum viable products".  The conference focused on nurse entrepreneurship and self-care.  We got to learn about blogging, podcasting, yoga, acupuncture, and even hypnotherapy.  It was a great mix of practical business lectures and complimentary therapeutic modalities.  I highly suggest everyone attend next year!  I'll be there giving out socks and talking about how to start a business.

The conference's teachers were a bunch of fun and interesting nurse entrepreneurs.  Check them out at:

Keith Carlson of RN FM Radio
Annette Tersigni "The Yoga Nurse"
Marsha Battee "The Bossy Nurse"

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