August 17, 2017

Scrub Style: Nabee Compression Socks

In my third installment of my Scrub Style series I am here to put the spotlight on the Nabee brand of compression socks! With a company that is founded by a nurse, Nabee compression socks are certainly designed with nurses in mind.  Read more...

May 08, 2017 7 Perfect Gift Ideas For National Nurses Week

It’s that special time of year again! The sun is coming out, the trees are coming back to life and, of course, National Nurses Week is about to begin.
Created in honor of the nurses that help and inspire us every day, National Nurses Week begins on Saturday, May 6 and ends on Friday, May 12. That’s seven solid days of nurse appreciation, and in honor of your week, we’ve come up with seven perfect gift ideas for that special nurse.  Read more...
November 06, 2016

InStyle Magazine: The Secret to Surviving a Long Trip Could Be in Your Socks

Hear us out... 

You've been walking all day through the streets of Buenos Aires, London, Bangkok, wherever. Heaven forbid you get plantar fasciitis right in the middle of your big vacation because, as we all know, travel typically mandates an abundance of walking.


April 01, 2016

Nurse Eye Roll: Nabee Socks Video Review

This is my review of Nabee compression socks, available at
October 07, 2015

Brian’s company makes something that should be part of every nurses “must-haves” at work!

Read about Brian’s unique experience of being an ICU Nurse, starter of his own company and a magician! Read more...

August 14, 2015

99 stories about our amazing designers and customers

Brian Park Nabee Socks 99designs

In 2013, Brian knew it was time to take a big step and get a logo made for Nabee Socks...



July 13, 2015

Mighty Nurse Megan - Nabee Socks Review

SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2015

When I first started clinicals, I found that at the end of the shift my feet were tired and achy. Standing all day was not something I was used to. Then I discovered Brian Park and his company Nabee Socks. After reading how they work and their amazing benefits I bought a pair.
May 20, 2015

RNFM Radio: The Nabee Socks Phenomenon, EPS 154

RNFM Radio

Brian’s favorite quote is: “Time is a gift, given to you, given to give you the time you need, the time you need to have the time of your life.” – Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth  Read more...

May 13, 2015

The RN Podcast: RN and Founder of Nabee Socks, Brian Park, Speaks on Business, Travel and Freedom

Brian’s business has given him the privilege to travel all over the world, recently throughout Southeast Asia, Japan & Turkey, and his business is now on track to gross $500,000 in 2015.

What you’ll learn in this podcast:

  • Why Brian made the decision to quit his nursing job and venture to entrepreneurship.
  • How to produce, manufacture and test a product idea and the key book that began his entrepreneurial venture.
  • Tools and resources he uses that are vital to his business and can help you, too.
  • How self-care practices are an important part of business, and the daily therapy routines he practices everyday.


May 12, 2015

The Nursing Site Blog: Nurses Week Give Away #1 -- Nabee Socks

This year we have some great give aways thanks to the generosity of some wonderful companies. The FIRST give away comes from Nabee Socks. If you haven't seen these, you've been missing out on some great style and comfort!

Anyone who spends their work day on their feet as much as nurses do needs some comfort and care for their feet and legs. Nabee socks offer compression therapy to "your legs and feet, which aids in your body’s ability to pump blood back towards the heart and results in a number of health and comfort benefits." Read more...

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Nabee Socks - Fun and Fashionable Compression Socks Designed By Nurses | Knee-high with 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression