April 24, 2017


Our Philosophy

Honesty and creativity are at the root of everything we do at Nabee Socks. Our goal is to create products that people love through honest communication with all our supporters.

2017 Growing Pains

nabee socks made in the usa

The demand for Nabee Socks has been tremendous and we just can't seem to keep anything in stock.  First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  Our waiting list is 1000+ right now and we're working extra hard to get our socks out of the factory and onto your feet.  

Part of this work has been a switch to a US manufacturing facility in mid-2016.  We wanted to support the American workforce and economy while also removing the need to ship thousands of socks across the ocean.  Unfortunately, there have been numerous growing pains in this process.  Our costs have increased by 30% and our manufacturers have been unable to meet our necessary deadlines.

With that being said, we finally have all of our pieces in place and expect to have a fresh delivery of socks in the next 3 weeks along with new designs a few weeks after that.

As requested, the socks will be longer with a thicker knit :)

Thank you again for your patience and support!

Brian Park, Founder of Nabee Socks

PS - expect a big sale.

Nabee Socks - Fun and Fashionable Compression Socks Designed By Nurses | Knee-high with 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression